the red slipper-socks

Kind of like the red shoes, only somewhat less bloody and tormenting. Quite a lot less, in fact. But I can’t stop dancing. It is the perfect way to release the pressure, to shrug off any dealings with the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world, and to immerse myself in music. The slipper-socks allow me to slide and swivel over the floor which is also very enjoyable*.

In this weird year, my life has narrowed down and become focused on daily tasks, routines, and pleasures. I find this a generally positive development, even though it’s one that’s been forced upon us. Working from home is great and I make sure to divide up my day with walks before and after work. They are mostly in the dark now, down along the river path. In the mornings the birds are loud and aggressive, defending their territory from my stomping past. I’ve seen some rather glorious sunrises. It’s pretty good.

The year has sped by and now we’re hurtling towards the end of it and I’m thankful, really, for the time and space and change of perspective afforded by these disasters. Thankful, too, to have meaningful work and a pleasant home, and books and cake and dogs and music. I miss people, but I know I’m very lucky and maybe even blessed. Bring on the Christmas spirit!

*ETA: Did you know that Mariah Carey’s 1980s hit ‘Fantasy’ is a cover of the Tom Tom Club’s ‘Genius of Love’? I somehow got through the whole of the eighties without noticing this at all (and yes I was a fan of both.)

Also on the subject of cover records, this has to be one of the most surprising and brilliant. Still danceable but now a lot more angry.

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