I was on an artists’ residency in Finland through the entire month of May, and one of the many things I discovered during that time is that I’m actually really funny. I know you wouldn’t think it from reading my books. But look, I contain multitudes. Or at least two things: the tendency to write extremely dark horror, and the ability to make people laugh.

So I started a substack. It’s called Distracted! and you can subscribe now for free. And you should! Because it’s going to be awesome.

I’ll be writing about all the things I do to distract myself from what I’m actually supposed to be doing. And in a weird, meta twist, I’ll be sending out weekly newsletters, so I’ll be forced to focus on writing and producing content every fucking week.

Look, I’m just going to try to be funny and entertain you at my own expense, okay? If you already like me, you’ll enjoy it. And if you only read this blog because you hate me and it makes you happy to see me fail, you’ll enjoy my substack even more.


my tribute to Louise Bourgeois

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