half-face illness

A bits and pieces sort of post this morning.  Brain is not cooperating fully and is demanding eggs and fruitcake.

Working on novel yesterday – not the ‘finished’ draft, but the half-written novel I abandoned in order to write the other novel. I was so incredibly stuck with it when I gave it up, and couldn’t see anything worthwhile in it at all. A few months later and I have somehow once again found the thread of story and interest in it. The lesson I’m taking from this is that sometimes, you just need to back off from things for a while. If something isn’t working, maybe it just needs time.

Also I’m happy to say that finishing a draft of my other novel has given me the confidence to believe that I can finish a draft of this novel. And I hope it will be a somewhat cleaner draft, although that might be wishing for too much.

Finished reading Book 2 of 1Q84 last night. I think I’ll finish Book 3 before I pass comment, but there were a couple of things I found hugely disappointing and definitely want to blog about.

I am still lurgified, but now I have this weird, half-face illness, in which half my face is ill (running nose, swollen glands, headache, earache) and the other half of my face is totally fine. Bored of being ill now.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something more interesting to say for myself. Am off to get breakfast and write more stuff.

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  1. I’m still 150 pages away from the end of Book Two but…eh, yeah, I’m not totally impressed with the story so far. I don’t know what it is about Murakami’s prose; I feel like I could just read it forever even when it’s dragging on but I’m not getting a whole lot of out of the story at this point. Maybe it all comes together in the end? We’ll see…

  2. I know exactly what you mean! The prose is so easy to read but the story has no impact!

    Anyway, I have finished it and blogged about it – no very profound thoughts, in the end. It’s hidden behind cut for spoilers. WOuld be interested to know what you think when you finish it.

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