Lunar Maria

Not seas, but dark basaltic plains,

No tides but the pulling down of light,

And all misnamed, fanciful poetry

Storying the romance of the night.

Lunar Maria, false seas deceiving men.

Waterless, dry creeks and dusty rilles.

Not, after all, the swells and deeps of women;

Not, in fact, a goddess hidden in the hills.

Send rockets then, and men to mine

The rocks, and organise the sand;

To colonise the goddess moon,

Shove flags into her silver hand.


One Reply to “Lunar Maria”

  1. It is a truly inadequate poem, but hey – it rhymes! And it’s National Poetry Day, so why not?

    This poem was actually written through me by a character in the novel I’m writing. She writes this whilst an inpatient in a mental hospital. So you see, you can’t hold me responsible for this. Right?

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