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Wrote 400 words of a new short story yesterday. (Go me!)

After the thoughtful discussions here and on facebook yesterday about settings in fiction, I found myself having a very clear idea of when and where these new characters were. It’s interesting to remind myself that the very fact of writing about a place adds an element of fiction to a realistic setting. This can play out in lots of ways. For example, in my story ‘A Rose is Rose’, I had the same setting twice – once as a fictionalised version of a real place, and then as a highly stylised fictionalised version of the same place, where the added fictional elements came from the imagination of the character in the ‘realistic’ setting.

Setting is endlessly interesting and, in my opinion, central to storytelling of all kinds.

I am currently reading ‘Baba Yaga Laid an Egg’, by Dubravka Ugrešić, which is not as good as I want it to be. But maybe I’m being a bit unfair – I’m waiting for my copy of 1Q84 to arrive, which I think is going to be awesome, and  I’m just passing time with this book until it arrives.

Am still lurgified. Dog is depressed because of the fireworks every night. I’m thinking about buying an early bird membership for WFC 2013 in Brighton.  Going to try to get a bit further with my new story today.

Until tomorrow, then!


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  1. I had also thought about the early bird membership, but I can’t stretch to an extra £75 this month. This month and next are when all the yearly car payments happen (MOT, insurance etc…) so it’ll be £100 for me I reckon, in January most likely, but I definitely want to go. Would be great to know that other people I know will be there!

  2. Yeah, I’m definitely going – just pondering whether I can afford the £75 now or whether I should also hold off til the New Year… I am usually fairly broke so not sure if it matters! Imagine how fantastic it’s going to be! 🙂

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